YEE HAH!!! Praise the LORD!!! It was 5 years ago today that I went under the knife (the robotic knife, that is) to have my cancer-filled prostate removed. During these 5 years my PSA has been undetectable and I have my LORD JESUS the CHRIST to thank and praise for that. I absolutely do not deserve to be here – let alone to make that proclamation! I am only here by the sovereign grace of Almighty GOD. HE is merciful to allow me to survive to take care of my family and minister to many brothers diagnosed with prostate cancer and inform others about prostate health awareness. I haven’t been keeping score, but I must have talked with about 50+ men who have tested positive within these past 5 years and help them prepare for treatment and life thereafter.

Thank you, LORD! YOU are truly amazing to let me breathe and continue to walk on this planet in order to be used by YOU for YOUR glory! My wife and kids thank YOU, too, and I thank YOU for them! Thank YOU for the surgeons and nurses at UT Southwestern, the inventors of the da Vinci Surgical System, the greatest prostate screening program at Methodist Hospital, my beautiful wife and family, my OCBF family and my First Dallas family (you know who you are).

Wow. I’m truly amazed at HIS grace and I am totally unworthy to receive it.


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