Pray and give (if you can) for Bert!

Got this email today from a relative of a guy who’s having to deal with returning cancer on top of other troubles. He has taken on a musical approach to raising support which is rather light-hearted and clever, but I’m sure he’s hurting. To those who know our great GOD and SAVIOR, pray for him. If you can, visit his site and give. He’s trying to raise money for he and his 5-year-old son.

Bert, If you are reading this, there may be a much deeper reason for why you’re going through this. If you’re angry, that’s real. If you’re scared, that’s real, too. If you’re angry at GOD, let that be the vehicle to drive you to know HIM in a way you’ve never imagined, beyond the traditional fluff. Then HE can use you so that you become speechless and can only utter words that HE gives to you. Here’s a better way to explain what I mean.

I’m committed to praying for you. I’m also praising GOD for your powerful commitment to your son! That’s something I take very serious. Peace!