In memory of my friend, David.

Just a couple of weeks ago, one of my friends (and brother in Christ), David, passed away (I believe he was in his 70s). He was president of an 80-year-old family-owned printing business here in Dallas. What did he pass away from? Prostate cancer. How long has he been battling with it? Approximately 10+ years. But why was he battling? In his words (paraphrased): “I refused to have surgery because I didn’t want anyone cutting on me.” So David spent most of the 10+ years trying to get “natural” treatments. He drastically changed his eating habits to more natural and organic. He even traveled out of the country for some holistic treatments; not sure of the details of those. When I told him about my diagnosis/surgery/survival in 2008, we began to bond. I already knew him being employed by one of their clients, but this made us become friends. For consumption of natural foods, David purchased an industrial-sized juicer that he kept in the print shop. He would offer me a cup of fresh carrot juice from time to time, which I really like! But, it was a little over a year ago when David began to actually pursue radiation/chemo treatments – something he avoided for a long time, but had no choice at this point. I remember him saying a few years ago that he was ready to go. “I’d rather go than be cut on,” he would say. But, in the last year, he changed that view by telling me, “I wish I had taken care of it at the beginning like you did.” That struck me! What also amazes me is how he lived for 10+ years after being diagnosed. That’s a long time. What a blessing! But, after the cancer had begun to spread throughout the rest of his body, especially his bones, he simply couldn’t take anymore. One of his brothers shared with me at the wake: “I’m really glad he’s at rest from being in so much pain. You just can’t live off of morphine.”

Brothers, this prompts me to exclaim (as I have many, many times): DON’T PUT IT OFF! Prostate cancer is best treatable with early detection. It’s one thing to not go to the doctor and being ignorant to and negligent with our health, as most of us guys are. But, it’s even worse when you are diagnosed with an illness (like prostate cancer) and don’t do anything about it, like David. I hope this post will stir up something with guys who don’t wish to know anything regarding their health. Don’t just do it for yourself. There are others who love you and need you around. If you don’t believe that’s true, then definitely know you have a purpose. One primary purpose in getting treated is being able to help many other brothers who are diagnosed with it, educate them and walk with them in calming their anxiety about it, like what I do. That’s the purpose of this blog. To be clearer, whoever you are, I need you. Team up with me in spreading the word and raising awareness for prostate cancer (and any other type) so we can help save lives.