FREE Men’s Prostate Screening, November 3

Once again my church is putting on another FREE men’s prostate screening. As always, it’ll be this first Saturday in November, the 3rd. Arrive at Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship in Dallas, Texas at 7:30am for breakfast, followed by a time of worship and teaching from the Word.

Then immediately following, around 9:30, get ready to fill out a form (takes about 10 minutes) and fall in line to have your blood pressure checked, blood drawn for PSA and then (wait for it…) the digital prostate check (yay :-/). I know, guys, we hate that one. But, it’s still necessary. Five seconds of utter discomfort, but it’s waaaay better than months and years of extensive treatment if you catch prostate cancer early like I had the blessing of doing. If you live in Dallas or close by and reading this post, please make a trip a get yourself checked. It’s FREE!!! Leave your insurance card and checkbook at home. Like before, the screening is provided by the awesome doctors and nurses of Methodist Hospital, where I still get my PSA checked annually.

This is a great, FREE opportunity to be proactive about men’s health, especially something that has a strong impact on men. I’ve heard it said and read that prostate cancer is to men like breast cancer is to women. We must take it very serious and get ourselves tested so that if any of us test positive, prostate cancer can be caught early and eliminated before it and time eliminate us. Then we can pass on our heath concerns to the next generation of men to come after us and keep a tradition going. I have a son. Trust me – he will be well educated in prostate health more than he knows!

I hope to see more guys come out. If your reading this, look for me wearing my Broken To Serve t-shirt! Peace!


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