Real talk about prostate cancer!

I received a call about a week ago from a brother representing Cornerstone Baptist Church in sunny South Dallas asking if I would come and speak to the men about prostate cancer/health awareness. Their ultimate goal is to start a prostate cancer support group and they need someone to share some personal and vital information. Let’s just say he didn’t have to ask twice and I didn’t hesitate to even think about it! This is what I love to do and I’ve looked forward for an opportunity to personally share my story and raise awareness with a large group of men. I can’t stress enough the importance of us taking our prostate health very serious, as with any other health concern.

I’ve labelled this as “Broken & Spoken.” Since I was broken to serve, I’m also getting the gracious opportunity to be used to “speak” before a large group and tell my story in order to get more and more brothers serious about this. And as my slogan says, I will keep it real because brothers really need to know. We don’t need any fluff about our prostate health. This is coming from someone who has received mercy to be here and tell about it and get many others to be proactive and get checked regularly. Details are as follows:

Date & time: November 28, 2012 @ 8pm

Place: Cornerstone Baptist Church, 1819 MLK Jr Blvd, Dallas, TX 

Click here for Google map.

I’m hoping they will record it. If not, I will try to bootleg myself with my iPhone and attempt to get the best sound out of it. My wish is to upload and post it on the site.

If you’re in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area and free that night, please come by… especially if you are the age of 35 and over – most definitely if you have a family history of prostate cancer. And if you’re African American, please free up that night and get yourself down there on the double!!!

As a disclaimer, I’m not a urologist and I don’t have all the answers. But, I have a story and experience that is so vital and my life has been sustained by the grace of GOD for me to share it! I can’t wait! DON’T MISS IT!!!


PSA: To screen or not to screen

About a year ago I was watching the news about a report on the inaccuracies of PSA screenings. There is a group insisting that since PSAs are inaccurate, they should be eliminated. Well, that sent up a red flag for me. My first thought was how many individuals a part of this group have ever tested positive for prostate cancer which began with a high PSA reading? I can understand about the enormous amount of money being spent on the screening, as is explained in this article. But, for some to proclaim PSA screening is usless??? Seriously??? I also realize the results can vary depending on each individual, but to bring PSA screenings to a halt is a bit extreme and, if I may say so, can be negligent for men’s health. Most men already are not very proactive about their health, especially regarding the prostate. Do we really want to discourage such a vital concern with something that is so detrimental to men as breast cancer is to women??? It may be better to provide a solution that fits specifically for each individual depending upon age, individual & family health history, and, if a biopsy is performed, just how much cancer is found. For me, the inaccuracies of PSA are understood. However, they are not 100% inaccurate. As a matter of fact, it is because of my PSA screening that produced a high reading for my age that prompted a biopsy which later revealed my testing positive for prostate cancer.

At our last prostate screening at my church this past Saturday, I had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Achal Modi, M.D. of the Urology Associates of North Texas. He spoke to the men about prostate health and screening and had some very interesting things to say about the PSA screening issue. I asked if I could speak with him later while the men were being screened and he allowed me to record our conversation. Very informative and I highly recommend making an appointment with him if you live in the Dallas area. Listen to the interview below.

Since I like being transparent about this in order to help more brothers understand, maybe in a future post I’ll put up my pathology report. Stay tuned.

November 3rd men’s screening recap

I had a great time at our men’s prostate screening on November 3. I’m always pumped about seeing more guys come out to get screened and the awesome opportunity to chat with many of them who have lots of questions about my story and their own health. Here are 4 pics from the event. Click on one to view them in a slideshow. Wish more brothers would jump on opportunities like this.

Speaking of which, I was a little disappointed with this event. There was a considerable drop in attendance this year as compared to last year (which I seriously plan to do something about next time, Lord willing). I believe it may have been because of it not being promoted enough. Men need to be prodded more to get themselves screened for something as serious as prostate cancer. I talked to one brother on Sunday who asked me if I was there. When I asked him if he was able to make it he hesitated to answer and followed up with the “I know, I know” reply. I talked to another brother who was getting his blood taken for the PSA at the screening, but was determined to not get the DRE done. The director of the prostate screening program at Methodist Hospital and I were requested to encourage him to take the next step. He told the guy that even if you have a low PSA, you can still have your urologist feel your prostate and detect something that may be cancerous, depending on where in the prostate the cancer is located and how it effects the texture of the prostate. I followed up with asking him if he would rather endure 5 seconds of shame and discomfort verses a lifetime of pain and even death??? He changed his tune and went to get it done (way to go, bro!). Guys, come on! Even though this FREE screening event is over till next year, there are many others being done by Methodist Hospital (if you live in Dallas) or just make an appointment soon. I’ve said it many times and I’ll say it again……..DON’T PUT IT OFF!!! Peace!