SIX YEARS prostate cancer free & Broken+Spoken #1

It’s December 28, 2012 and I’m a 6-year prostate cancer survivor by the sovereign grace of GOD!!! I have absolutely no right to proclaim that. I don’t deserve to be here breathing GOD’s air and be allowed to live. But, it is all by HIS grace and mercy that I get to say it and live it, work and support my family, and be available to help many other brothers who may go through the same experience. It makes absolutely no sense for me to keep it to myself.

On that note, back in November 28, 2012, I had the gracious opportunity to share my story and support for prostate cancer awareness with some brothers at Cornerstone Baptist Church in sunny South Dallas. I was able to record it with my phone so that I can share with anyone (please adjust your volume level accordingly). This is number 1 in what I hope to be the first of a few or many public talks about prostate cancer screening and awareness. To be honest, I’m still learning all about prostate health and cancer screenings, but I know enough by experience and study to help many brothers be aware of and care about their health, not only for themselves but also for their families. I hope that it will spark more interest in many men across the land to be proactive to get themselves screened regularly. I also hope to help the men at Cornerstone to start a support group in their area and beyond.

Anyone or any church wishing to have me come and speak to their men about my story and prostate cancer awareness, please contact me here.


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