Six-year PSA report

Brothers, it’s been 6+ years since surgery. Last week I had my blood drawn for another annual PSA check. 



Yes!!! Once again, I’m amazed at the mercy of my GOD. I don’t deserve to be here and proclaim to be prostate cancer free!!!

As a reminder, the number 0.05 (less than or equal to) is the benchmark PSA result after having your cancer-filled prostate removed. My result is that of the ultra-sensitive test that registers out to the thousandths place which gives a more detailed and accurate reading rather than a general result.

Get screened, brothers! Early detection is the merciful providence of God. Let’s save lives!!! Grace and peace!


2 thoughts on “Six-year PSA report

  1. As I thank our Lord for our wonderful report I find myself growing weak with awe for his mercy, grace and love toward us! Honey, you are my/our Hero… I/we love you so much!!!

  2. oh, sweetie. now i’m all mushy inside. you are MY hero for the way you’ve taken care of me throughout the journey like no one else could. i praise and thank the LORD for the gift i have in you.

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