FREE PROSTATE SCREENING, This Saturday, 11/2/13

Brothers! It’s that time again. Another FREE SCREENING (yes, I said FREE) this Saturday, November 2, at Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship. Arrive at 7:30 for light breakfast and fellowship, followed by worship and teaching. The FREE prostate screening and health check up begins soon after, provided by Methodist Hospital. Leave your insurance card and co-pay at home. No need for it. Just show up and get it done. You never know if you have prostate cancer or not. I didn’t till I got screened. Now I’m here by grace and get to refer to myself as a survivor! Take nothing for granted. Everyday is a gift.

I’m not certain, but I heard there may be a special guest at the fellowship to help encourage the men for the screening. Let’s just say he’s a former NFL player. Whether that’s true or not, come to the fellowship and get screened. I will be able to share a few things to encourage, as well. As always, I will be around to answer any questions. Hope there’s a good turnout!

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Not just for September…

bluehelmetI’m really pushing hard to raise awareness for prostate cancer. September is the designated month for it, but since it’s come and gone the awareness should not stop! It is now October, which is widely known for breast cancer awareness. While I support this awareness for my sisters (and surprisingly, this also affects men), there needs to be equal awareness for prostate cancer. This is the month where pink is seen everywhere. Most notably, you’ll see it all over the screen while watching your favorite NFL team. Players will wear pink cleats with pink-trimmed jerseys and coaches wear pink caps and shirts with their team logo. Why is this not the same in September? While both genders love football, it is men who are the main audience. Medium to light blue should be seen in September just as pink is during this month. Public service announcements should be made with various commercials and sports commentators encouraging men to get screened for early detection to have more birthdays and father’s days.

More and more men are not only diagnosed with prostate cancer, but many are walking around with it as it grows in their bodies unknowingly. They aren’t doing anything about it because many think “ignorance is bliss.” It’s not “what you don’t know can’t hurt you,” as is commonly and ignorantly believed. Rather it is: WHAT YOU DON’T KNOW CAN KILL YOU! This is my campaign. This is my mission. I can’t and won’t stop as long as I breathe. I’m still here for a reason. I’m hoping the NFL or at least my favorite team will pick this up and join me in helping to save lives with many football fans from coast to coast. I’m also looking to partner with a local marketing company who specializes in digital outdoor advertising to do the same. Prostate cancer is not some small mediocre illness like a cold. It is taking the lives of men all over. It is invading men’s health issues just as breast cancer is to women. By the grace of God, I’m a prostate cancer survivor! I will push as hard as I can to raise the awareness so that more and more men get informed, get screened, and have the privilege to live and raise awareness themselves. I’m in the red zone on this. Every brother I can influence to get screened and treated is another touchdown!!!

If you’re new to this site, be sure to read my story on the Chronicle page. Then, go talk to your doctor and ask about getting screened for prostate cancer. Better yet, if you don’t have one, go find a really good urologist. They specialize in this area and should be more thorough to ensure you get the best information. You can also contact me here for more personal information as someone who has been through it. I’m also more than willing to come to your organization to speak to groups of men about this. You can bet I’ll keep it real!