FREE PROSTATE SCREENING, This Saturday, 11/2/13

Brothers! It’s that time again. Another FREE SCREENING (yes, I said FREE) this Saturday, November 2, at Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship. Arrive at 7:30 for light breakfast and fellowship, followed by worship and teaching. The FREE prostate screening and health check up begins soon after, provided by Methodist Hospital. Leave your insurance card and co-pay at home. No need for it. Just show up and get it done. You never know if you have prostate cancer or not. I didn’t till I got screened. Now I’m here by grace and get to refer to myself as a survivor! Take nothing for granted. Everyday is a gift.

I’m not certain, but I heard there may be a special guest at the fellowship to help encourage the men for the screening. Let’s just say he’s a former NFL player. Whether that’s true or not, come to the fellowship and get screened. I will be able to share a few things to encourage, as well. As always, I will be around to answer any questions. Hope there’s a good turnout!

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