I can’t believe it! Exactly seven years ago today I was being rolled into the operating room at UT Southwestern to undergo the robotic prostatectomy procedure. Yes, it’s been exactly SEVEN YEARS that I have been prostate cancer free!!! It is only by the sovereign grace and loving mercy of Almighty GOD that I “get to” say this. What a privilege! As David said: “It is good for me that I was afflicted; that I might learn your statutes.” (Psalm 119:71) To be specific, it is a privilege to be chosen by God and be “broken” to learn of Him and then “to serve” Him and many other brothers either by phone, email, or in person. I’ve been blessed to visit 2 brothers this year who had the exact same procedure, at the same hospital, and by the same surgeon. I never kept count (wish I did) but I would have to guess in the last seven years I may have talked with at least 70 men who tested positive and needed someone who can talk to them on a personal level. It is a great honor to be used for such a divine purpose. I truly do not deserve to be here. There are a few that I’ve known who have been taken out by this illness. Just over a month ago I attended a funeral of a cousin of mine who had prostate cancer which spread throughout his body – and I never knew any of it until being told of his funeral.

Men, we don’t have to be taken out by prostate cancer. We can do something about it. Early detection is so important, but only if all of us would get ourselves screened regularly, starting at age 35. Stop choosing ignorance as if not knowing would keep the cancer away or make it disappear. More awareness must be made, and I believe I’m here to see that it happens. That way more and more men can partner with me and raise even more awareness for it as I am.

Lord, thank You ever so much for your extreme mercy. Thank you for allowing me to remain and continue to be here with my loving wife (what would I do without her) and my children so I can raise them and teach them as a father should, and then to help so many other brothers know of Your mercy in ministering to them as they express their concerns and fears. You are extremely merciful!

Click here to read my story. Contact me to speak at your church or organization, or if you have questions. I’m here for a reason…


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