I’m that guy!

I’m learning more and more the reason so many guys are getting taken out by prostate cancer is simply because of pure ignorance. No matter what the causes and symptoms are, if prostate cancer is caught early, it is beatable. Too many of us choose not to know, as if ignorance is a cure for any disease. What you don’t know can’t hurt you? NO!!! Like I said in a previous post: “What you don’t know CAN KILL YOU!” I will keep repeating this for as long as I’m allowed the mercy and grace to breathe.

The other issue is there has to be more awareness for it and I’m really trying to change that. There are too many brothers out there, like your’s truly, who have been “under the knife” of sorts and who can help encourage men to get screened, and if diagnosed, can walk with many of these brothers so they know what to face and calm their unmentionable, yet real fears.

I’m ready and available to help as many brothers as I can. I’ve been down this road. I know what it’s like. I know how it feels, and I want to help encourage and educate as much as I’m able to.

If you’re curious about your prostate health because of what you’ve heard or read… I’m that guy.

If you’re curious about your prostate health because of family history… I’m that guy.

If you’ve been told, “You tested positive (for prostate cancer)”, and you need someone other than a doctor to talk to, like a survivor, in order to know exactly what you’re dealing with… I’m that guy.

If you’re planning a health fair or a men’s seminar/conference to raise awareness for prostate cancer and need a survivor to speak who’s ready to stir some brothers up to be aggressive about getting screened and/or treated… I’m that guy.

There are many of us “guys” out there who are ready and more than willing to help and assist many men with this form of cancer. I’m just one of them. But I’m ready! Contact me HERE.  Please read my story HERE.


2 thoughts on “I’m that guy!

  1. Keep up the plea! Don’t give up! If one listens then you have done your job! Why men and women live in denial is a mystery. However, I certainly never believed I was a candidate for cancer! We need to listen to our bodies. Maybe write specifically how your body told you you had cancer. (or did you not have any symptoms?)

    Cyndi Heath
    Advocate of Hope

    • hey, cyndi! i have included in my story (chronicle) and i tell guys all the time that i had no symptoms! that’s just it. sometimes you just never know until you get screened. you’re right about listening to your body. but there are times when your body, or rather your conscience, is saying “listen to that other brother or sister and go get yourself checked!” but, it is ignorance that is taking a lot of us out, more than cancer itself. thank you again for your encouragement! always needed and appreciated. i can’t stop!!!

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