Symposium done. Now what?

I had a great time at the last symposium by the Prostate Health Education Network (PHEN). Sad thing is even though there was much promotion for this event, only a relatively handful of men showed up. They even announced they had prepared for about 100 or so and only about 20 showed. In my experience as a prostate cancer survivor in these last 7.5 years, this has been the norm. As a man, I can understand the fear and anxiety of not wanting to know. It’s real. But what’s more real is if you have cancer, there’s not enough wishing in the world that will make it go away. 

On that note, there was a lady at the symposium who handed me a slip of paper as she whispered, “Call my dad.” The paper had his name and number on it. I called him that evening and got a real shock. I proceeded to introduce myself and why I was calling. He angrily responded and told me how he doesn’t want anyone to ruin his “faith.” He didn’t want any information or help concerning prostate cancer screening because it sounded as if he was exercising “faith” that he would be healthy and he wouldn’t allow anyone or anything to shake that. I couldn’t even talk to him long enough to see if he had tested positive for it or if he just needed to be encouraged to get screened. When I told him that I’m a Christian (since he seemed to assume that I’m not) he quickly responded with, “I don’t care!” He then said he didn’t care to receive any calls or information and hung up on me. Wow!!! Totally unexpected. I can understand not wanting to know, but to literally go off like that was shocker. I felt like I was some telemarketer or something ;-). At any rate, I became concerned about the brother for 2 reasons. One, because he refused to talk about anything concerning prostate cancer, which is typical of most men. And two, because it sounded like a theological issue, albeit a false one. This is not the site for it, but the possible influence of the “health & wealth/positive confession” doctrine seems to be in play here. Of course I would never know because I didn’t get a chance to talk to the guy.

Let me briefly say that this doctrine has spiritually, emotionally, and financially ruined a lot of believers, as well as some who may assume they are. I would love to go deep with this one, but let me just say to all men who visit my blog who happen to be followers of Christ: Please pray and ask for God’s mercy, trust in Him and His Word, thank Him for His provisions, and get yourself screened! If you test positive, especially if it’s early detection, praise and thank Him for that! Then get treated. Use the experience to not only learn about prostate cancer, but to learn much more about your mortality in light of the Truth and be thankful for life. Every day is a gift of mercy. I deserve nothing. Whenever God heals or delivers, it is undeserved. If salvation through Jesus the Christ is by grace (unmerited/undeserved favor) and the greatest gift, why should we deserve anything else that is less than??? It’s all about the right perspective. There’s nothing at all wrong with asking, and we should ask because He does answer prayer. But please don’t assume that God is obligated to answer according to what you want over His sovereign will. For more on that read my story, or read this. Peace!

P.S. – I’m open to discuss this further to anyone who wishes to (even though I have very little traffic on this site. bummer.). Contact me or submit a comment below. And again, peace.


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