September is here – Prostate Cancer Awareness Month!

Well, another September has arrived. I will do the best I can to continue to raise awareness so that more men go out and get screened. As I keep saying time and time again, early detection can save lots of men’s lives. It seems many of us will need to be even more proactive looking forward. I’ve heard that many of the top urological associations are trying to omit any public screenings for prostate cancer. You can still get screened if you go to your doctor by appointment, but it’s the public/community outreaches that are about to become obsolete. Many of our men will only go to a community outreach because they aren’t insured and can’t afford a doctor’s visit. So it’s either pinch a ton of pennies and make an appointment, or be prepared to suffer the consequences without choice. I guess it is all about the money and not so much about our health. Maybe if we scream loud enough we might be able to make an impact and wake the professionals so that they may give a darn about men’s lives and not their wallets/insurance coverage. So, how many men (and women) can I get to scream with me??? I will post more about this as I learn more. Stay tuned…


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