9 YEARS!!!

Today marks my 9-year anniversary as a prostate cancer survivor! It feels great to say that, even more so to live it. I don’t deserve to be here. God’s mercy is very real, and it’s great to be used for His purpose in my survival. Next year I’m going to ramp up the awareness by starting a survival group at my church (been long enough). I’ve received some great information from Zero Cancer (http://zerocancer.org) which will help me big time to inform men in my circle to know why it’s such a great deal. Far too many of us don’t know; many more don’t care to know. As a result, too many die from something that can be diagnosed at an early stage and be treated. I’m really looking forward to 2016! I’d really, really like to partner with major sports organizations to get the word out! #nfl #nba #mlb