TEN YEARS… part 2

Here is the second installment of my 10-year anniversary as a prostate cancer survivor. It was 10 years ago that my job provided a fun activity for the staff to take us all to the state fair. As I am preparing to board the bus with my department, my cell phone rings. It’s the manager for the hospital’s prostate screening program, which came to my church the previous weekend. He called to inform me that my PSA was high (7.47) which was a bit irregular especially for my age at the time (41). He called my wife first (who was a bit frantic to say the least) and she called me immediately after I finished talking with him. Being the loving, tenacious wife that she is, she wasted no time in calling him back to inquire about a good urologist and get further information. That lead to her calling me back with a same-day appointment (tenacious, isn’t she). She later called me while I was at the fair (trying to have fun with the thought of a high PSA on my brain) and said she was on her way to pick me up! We made it to the urologist’s office that afternoon and as he aggressively took a “feel” of my prostate (after I almost punched a whole in the wall), he then stated because of the high PSA I must schedule a biopsy. Oh joy :-/  We made an appointment with him for the following week. Stay tuned for part 3…


TEN YEARS… part 1

Today begins my 10-year celebration of being a prostate cancer survivor! (Wow! I can’t believe it.) It would be 10 years ago today on a Saturday morning when I would be encouraged by my sweet wife to attend a special monthly men’s fellowship at my church. Each year in the month of October there was a scheduled prostate cancer screening that would follow a men’s breakfast and Bible teaching led by our pastor. Nurses were stationed at various tables in a large meeting/classroom to take blood pressure and blood samples for PSA. Smaller classrooms were each occupied by a doctor to administer the “dreaded” digital rectal exam. Other than the weird sensation of the DRE (ugh!) I had no symptoms nor serious concerns about my health. The rest of the day was spent worry-free with my family doing the typical weekend activities at home. It seemed that all was well with my life — until the following week… (to be continued)