TEN YEARS parts 3, 4, and so on…

Ok, I’ve really been slacking on posting my 10-year progression with the events that lead up to the “day” (which is tomorrow). While I’ve been so busy working and doing family stuff, I’ve had many thoughts on what transpired 10 years ago, all lead by God’s providence. From going to the urologist and getting scheduled for a biopsy, then going back a week later to get the verdict that I tested positive. From there I watched my fear and grief turn to comfort and joy as the LORD provided great confidence in His grace and mercy and sending various people in my life – like the nurse who worked at UT Southwestern, whose 2 little girls attended my wife’s home daycare for about 3-4 weeks and upon learning of my situation recommended I pursue the robotic procedure (which we had never even heard of), even informing us of the exact surgeon to do the work – and he was the best! I’m still in awe of how God orchestrated it all!

I would have to say that before surgery, my greatest moment of comfort in God’s provision was with my job. Most of my fellow employees gathered together with me seated in the center and surrounded me in prayer. This was preceded by them presenting me with a gift bag filled with cash and various gift cards to grocery stores and restaurants so that my wifey wouldn’t have to bother cooking so much as she takes care of me and our kiddos while I heal at home. What a blessing for them to do that!!! We couldn’t help but shed tears of joy!

All that was ten years ago. It all lead up to December 28, 2006 – the day of surgery. Tune in tomorrow…


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