E11even Years!

Wow! As of today, it’s been 11 years since I went under the “robotic” knife to have my cancer-filled prostate removed, allowing me to utter the words, “I’m a prostate cancer survivor!” I’ve actually passed the decade mark, yet it feels like only a handful of years. Though I haven’t been as active in raising awareness, especially with the “task force” and their influence in canceling out public screenings for men (grrr!), I’m still out here trying to reach as many brothers as I can via social media or face-to-face. As long as the Lord allows me to breathe His oxygen and keep my lungs inflating and deflating I will continue. I’ve been a lot more active in posting on my Twitter account. For the microscopic few that will pay an occasional visit to this blog, do yourself (or really me) a favor and follow me on Twitter @brokentoserve. You can see the feed on the right side of the page. Peace! Oh, and don’t forget – GET SCREENED!!!


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