I’m Steven Craig Smith and by the Sovereign grace and providence of God, I am a prostate cancer survivor!!! I was diagnosed with prostate cancer in October 2006 at the age of 41. My survival is not by luck, chance, happenstance, as there are no such things! I did not survive on my own or by some unknowable force. Neither did I survive for me and my personal desires. I survived to be used for God’s sovereign purposes to provide for and raise my family and to minister to other men who are going through the same experience or to provide wisdom for many brothers to possibly prevent it.

Second Corinthians chapter one, verse nine is the first passage I’ve chosen for my journey through prostate cancer. Although Paul was speaking specifically about the persecution he and other Christians endured for the Gospel, the emphasis is on the purpose. Persecution or trials of any form solely exist to make us rely on GOD alone, and not ourselves. They happen in order for us to exhaust ourselves of any self effort in order to realize that our total dependence should be on the One Who created, sustains, and has sovereign authority over everything, including our individual lives. One of the Lord’s greatest pleasures is when we surrender all to Him so that He receives all the glory He deserves from us, especially those of us who claim Him as Lord. We must avoid using religious cliches and “christianese” to flatter God and make us appear spiritual to man. Yes, it is true – God is good all the time… But, is He good only when things are going good for me??? God is good because it is Who He is, whether our world is good or not. One of the hardest truths to swallow is the fact that prosperity and adversity come from the same Source.

But the second passage, my current and permanent one, is heart shattering. David said in Psalm 119:71“It is good for me that I was afflicted, that I might learn your statutes.” To be clearer, God will sometimes break us in order for us to know HIM first and foremost and then to use us. In other words, to know Him and make Him known. A vessel broken by the hands of the Potter will often provide better service to Him because of a clearer understanding and greater reverence for the Maker. Broken or not, we must fully confess and admit to ourselves the words of the Lord Jesus: “…apart from Me you can do nothing.”

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While it’s very obvious, I want to make this even clearer. I am a believer and follower of the Lord Jesus the Christ. That makes Broken To Serve a ministry. This site is a testimony to the providence of my diagnosis, treatment and overall survival of prostate cancer. My overall purpose is to minister to men who are having to live with prostate cancer and need more than just general information. They would rather read from or talk with someone who can give a personal account of going through this illness. This is not a medical site, although there is medical information. I have no association with the medical profession, other than my voluntary involvement with the prostate screening program director at Methodist Hospital in Dallas, TX. In his words: “We’re just trying to save lives.”

I’m married to the wife I don’t deserve who is my queen, my helper and awesome mother of our 3 kiddos. I love you, girl!



I’m a graphic designer/creative director

I’m a field trip dad


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  1. Bro. Steve-Thx for all you do toward spreading the word about prostate cancer. I am a survivor since Nov 2011. My last 6mos check was 6/4/2013. My PSA is 0.03. I am on annual checks now. Praise The Lord.

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