Happy New Year!!!

Happy New Year, brothers. It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything. I’ve been so busy that I forgot to post this past Sunday, December 28 marked my 8-year anniversary of being prostate cancer free!!! Woo hoo!!!!! It’s 2015 and time to continue raising more awareness to help save more brothers’ lives. Here we go!


Football season is the best time…

I love football season, especially the NFL. I always get pumped watching my favorite teams beat up on the ones I hate, and it’s such a downer when the season is over. There’s a lot of health/charity awareness being promoted and it’s a great time since there are millions of viewers who tune in for every battle on the field. October is full of breast cancer awareness with all the pink cleats, pink towels, pink caps & shirts, and pink trimmings spread out all over the place. Even the fans get involved with pink costumes and face paint.

But, what I’m really the most concerned about is why there’s absolutely no awareness for prostate cancer??? With as many men who watch football, you’d think there’d be light blue all over the screen during September, which is the month traditionally used for its awareness. I guess maybe there needs to be the right celebrity or right amount of money spent to make it happen. I’ve been trying the best way I know to make it known by contacting the NFL or even the Dallas Cowboys (my home team) to see if I can at least spark some interest and get it started. I guess my emails/messages get lost in the sea of everybody else’s emails. I even handed one of my business cards to a famous coach (retired) and told him of my desire to raise awareness in the league. Maybe I’m just a nobody; not famous at all, and I surely don’t have enough money. Is that what it takes? Does it take Hollywood or something to raise the right amount of awareness and save men’s lives??? I’m just a guy who’s blessed to be able to say, “I’m a prostate cancer survivor” and I jump on any opportunity to help more and more brothers become aware and get themselves screened. I’m still here for a purpose, and to use a football reference I just can’t sit on the sidelines and keep my survival and awareness to myself. I would love to do it on a larger scale with a much bigger male audience, and I can’t think of a better one than the NFL. I really, really, really wish they would put the word out. If they need a famous name or face, then they should get one. But either way, please, NFL, or any team in the league, let’s tell men about something that affects us on a grand scale while only a relative few know about it. Maybe one day it will happen. There’s always next season…

I’ve addressed this before. Read it here.

September is here – Prostate Cancer Awareness Month!

Well, another September has arrived. I will do the best I can to continue to raise awareness so that more men go out and get screened. As I keep saying time and time again, early detection can save lots of men’s lives. It seems many of us will need to be even more proactive looking forward. I’ve heard that many of the top urological associations are trying to omit any public screenings for prostate cancer. You can still get screened if you go to your doctor by appointment, but it’s the public/community outreaches that are about to become obsolete. Many of our men will only go to a community outreach because they aren’t insured and can’t afford a doctor’s visit. So it’s either pinch a ton of pennies and make an appointment, or be prepared to suffer the consequences without choice. I guess it is all about the money and not so much about our health. Maybe if we scream loud enough we might be able to make an impact and wake the professionals so that they may give a darn about men’s lives and not their wallets/insurance coverage. So, how many men (and women) can I get to scream with me??? I will post more about this as I learn more. Stay tuned…

Here comes September…

September has been designated as Prostate Cancer Awareness Month, and it’s just a few days away. How much do you know about it? I guess a better question is – do you even care to know? Most men don’t know because they ignore the information, and sadly ignore their own health.

I don’t get very many visitors to this site. Most who do just view the homepage. Please look around. This is not just an information site; this is personal. I’m here for a reason and want to help as many brothers as I can. Read my story at the Chronicle. Get some other information on the Resources page. Hear some audio on the Media page (more to come). If and when you can, please help me spread the word to raise even more awareness!

Symposium done. Now what?

I had a great time at the last symposium by the Prostate Health Education Network (PHEN). Sad thing is even though there was much promotion for this event, only a relatively handful of men showed up. They even announced they had prepared for about 100 or so and only about 20 showed. In my experience as a prostate cancer survivor in these last 7.5 years, this has been the norm. As a man, I can understand the fear and anxiety of not wanting to know. It’s real. But what’s more real is if you have cancer, there’s not enough wishing in the world that will make it go away. 

On that note, there was a lady at the symposium who handed me a slip of paper as she whispered, “Call my dad.” The paper had his name and number on it. I called him that evening and got a real shock. I proceeded to introduce myself and why I was calling. He angrily responded and told me how he doesn’t want anyone to ruin his “faith.” He didn’t want any information or help concerning prostate cancer screening because it sounded as if he was exercising “faith” that he would be healthy and he wouldn’t allow anyone or anything to shake that. I couldn’t even talk to him long enough to see if he had tested positive for it or if he just needed to be encouraged to get screened. When I told him that I’m a Christian (since he seemed to assume that I’m not) he quickly responded with, “I don’t care!” He then said he didn’t care to receive any calls or information and hung up on me. Wow!!! Totally unexpected. I can understand not wanting to know, but to literally go off like that was shocker. I felt like I was some telemarketer or something ;-). At any rate, I became concerned about the brother for 2 reasons. One, because he refused to talk about anything concerning prostate cancer, which is typical of most men. And two, because it sounded like a theological issue, albeit a false one. This is not the site for it, but the possible influence of the “health & wealth/positive confession” doctrine seems to be in play here. Of course I would never know because I didn’t get a chance to talk to the guy.

Let me briefly say that this doctrine has spiritually, emotionally, and financially ruined a lot of believers, as well as some who may assume they are. I would love to go deep with this one, but let me just say to all men who visit my blog who happen to be followers of Christ: Please pray and ask for God’s mercy, trust in Him and His Word, thank Him for His provisions, and get yourself screened! If you test positive, especially if it’s early detection, praise and thank Him for that! Then get treated. Use the experience to not only learn about prostate cancer, but to learn much more about your mortality in light of the Truth and be thankful for life. Every day is a gift of mercy. I deserve nothing. Whenever God heals or delivers, it is undeserved. If salvation through Jesus the Christ is by grace (unmerited/undeserved favor) and the greatest gift, why should we deserve anything else that is less than??? It’s all about the right perspective. There’s nothing at all wrong with asking, and we should ask because He does answer prayer. But please don’t assume that God is obligated to answer according to what you want over His sovereign will. For more on that read my story, or read this. Peace!

P.S. – I’m open to discuss this further to anyone who wishes to (even though I have very little traffic on this site. bummer.). Contact me or submit a comment below. And again, peace.

Prostate Health Educational Symposium, June 14, 2014


MEN! This Saturday, June 14, there will be a Prostate Health Educational Symposium at Friendship West Baptist Church in Dallas, Texas (south of Dallas, west of Polk St. between Wheatland Rd. and I-20). I’ve been invited to be a part of a round table discussion to help raise awareness for prostate cancer in order to better educate more men and encourage them to get screened for early detection and get cured. Please come out and hear what I and many others have to say. As I post this, I am a 7.5-year survivor – and I can’t keep quiet about it! I want to help as many brothers as I can to help save lives. This is especially good if you’re a FATHER! Give your children, young or old, a gift – your life! Do this by getting educated and getting screened. If you have prostate cancer and don’t know it, it is certain that you will know it soon, but by then it may be too late to do anything about it.

For more information, CLICK HERE or the image above. Register HERE. I hope to see a lot of men there! Too many of us just don’t want to know. But if you read my blog, you know what I say about that, right?

2014 PSA results!

I just had my annual PSA check up last week and my results just arrived.

My ultra-sensative number is still0.03! Same as last year! GOD is rich in mercy!!! I don’t deserve to be here. So thankful!!!

Men, please, please, please make an appointment with your physician or find a urologist to have your blood tested (and yes, the digital exam) to find out what your PSA level is. As always (can’t say it enough), early detection is the key! Catching prostate cancer in early stages can ensure non-evasive treatment and quick removal, resulting in being prostate cancer FREE!!!

ImageIf you’re in Dallas/Ft. Worth, come see me this Saturday, April 12 at Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship’s Spring Fest and Health Fair. I will be there at my table with some materials but mainly ready to talk to brothers (sisters for the men in their families) about prostate cancer and screening. The greatest killer regarding prostate cancer is ignorance. Knowledge is key!